Accelerating Delivery

CoPredictor®️ accelerates delivery, and improves your business in two ways, by:

  1. Reducing direct costs such as planning, predicting, forecasting, estimating, scoping, reporting and - above all - deciding on the most effective course of action
  2. Avoiding indirect costs - in particular, risks that emerge as a result of an incomplete understanding of the project and the wider context that it operates within


CoPredictor®️ product capabilities include:

Reference Class Forecasting

When we wish to estimate a new project, we first work out what type of project it is. For example, is it a construction project, or a software engineering project? If construction, what type of construction - infrastructure, commercial buildings, transport, housing etc.

Then, having determined the class, we seek past examples of completed projects in that class. We record the costs and durations of each, and develop a profile. What is the range of durations and costs? How tightly grouped are they? Are there significant outliers?

We use this profile to estimate projects and, crucially, provide some bounds to the low and high scenarios.

Process Induction

CoPredictor®️ inducts processes and ways of working - constructing models of work 'as is', which may differ substantially from the claimed 'ways of working'. This provides a baseline for continuous improvement of project delivery, including organisation design and target operating model enhancements.


CoPredictor®️ assists with planning, using as-built schedules to generate new plans that are 80% complete; all you have to do is complete a simple review and the schedule is complete.

Predictive Analytics

Having data is one thing - but knowing what to do with the information is another. CoPredictor®️ uses project data graphs to help predict future outcomes through predictive analytics.

Generative AI

Projects, programmes and portfolios (whether agile, iterative, waterfall, hybrid etc.) are all benefiting from generative AI, at a number of different levels.

For example:

Interactive Storytelling

We recognise the power of human visual processing - consequently, CoPredictor®️ works with the 'Mark I AI' to present information in an interactive fashion using visual analytics. This greatly increases our ability to retain complex information, and to act upon it effectively and decisively.